Iā€™m Sarah.

After graduating college, I worked as a TV news reporter at an NBC affiliate outside of Chicago. I then retired from that life to be a stay at home mom to my three little ones. While at home I was able to rekindle my love for decorating and crafts. A blog seemed like the perfect place to share those ideas. There is inspiration everywhere, I hope you find some here.

trash to treasure

trash to treasure


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I have always enjoyed finding "trash" at garage sales, or thrift stores and turning it in to "treasure." Mostly just furniture and some home decor. Remember this little love seat my neighbor found on the side of the road? Well, I decided to do a "trash to treasure" course with the girls I work with at church. The first night I handed out some tips and we went shopping at a thrift store. Those tips include things like:
-always look for real wood
-don't buy anything with structural damage
-make sure to lightly sand any wood before painting to get any gunk or oils off
-never buy anything that will cost a lot to repair or a lot of work... because it may just end up back in the trash again
-spray paint can do wonders, so keep a can on hand

They all came over to my house for a second round of "trash to treasure." I showed them around my house to see some of my favorite "treasures" and we made a little treasure out of some old picture frames. This was my demo that I made earlier in the day.

In a few months we will move Elly from the nursery to the guest bedroom, the colors in there are grey, yellow, white and black, and I plan to keep those colors. I made this to go on the wall along with some other things to create a picture collage. The girls had smaller picture frames and just did the first letter of their name.


$2 for the picture frame from a thrift store
$2 for the letters (Walmart)
scrap fabric
leftover scrapbook paper
hot glue gun
mod pod
spray paint

first I spray painted the picture frame and letters white.
second pick out your fabric and place it right side down on the table, wrap the fabric around the glass and use mod pod or some sort of tacky glue to glue it on. Make sure to pull the fabric real tight. Then put the glass covered fabric back in the picture frame.

third pick out some colored paper and put it right side down on the table. Put glue on the front of the letter and place it on the paper. You might need to add some weight on the top to make sure the letter sticks to the paper.

fourth after the glue dries use a matte knife to cut the letter out.

fifth using sand paper, rough up the edges of the letter. Then put another coat of glue on top of the papered letter to seal the paper.

sixth use a hot glue gun to glue the letters on to the fabric.

feeling a little (a lot) crafty

feeling a little (a lot) crafty

everything pumpkin

everything pumpkin