Iā€™m Sarah.

After graduating college, I worked as a TV news reporter at an NBC affiliate outside of Chicago. I then retired from that life to be a stay at home mom to my three little ones. While at home I was able to rekindle my love for decorating and crafts. A blog seemed like the perfect place to share those ideas. There is inspiration everywhere, I hope you find some here.

70's dress

70's dress

In October I bought these mustard tights at H&M and since then had been looking for a blue dress I could wear with them. Since I couldn't find one, I decided to try and make one. I knew I wanted a simple straight dress with some pleats at the top, so this is what I came up with.
first: I cut out the front and back panels of the dress by using a different dress as a pattern.                                  
Cut the front panel a little wider at the top to make room for the pleats (as seen in the picture below)

 Add the pleats by pining them together.

second: Turn the fabric inside out and sew the front and back panels together on the sides and the shoulders.
third: Cut out the sleeves, mine looked like this. I didn't taper the end because I wanted it to be a little bit of a bubble sleeve.

fourth: Add button closures. I added these on the back panel near the neck and at the bottom of the sleeves. Check out this tutorial to know what I'm talking about. 

fifth: Then I added some biased trim around the collar and the ends of the sleeves. Check out this previous tutorial for that.

sixth: Attach the sleeves. Again, check out this tutorial for how to do that.
seventh: Sew an invisible hem. Check this out to find out how to sew a blind stitch.
eight: Sew on your buttons and then you're done!

{necklace: Target, tights: H&M, shoes: Target, awesome dress: me!}
chocolate cherry cupcakes

chocolate cherry cupcakes

peanut butter brownie torte

peanut butter brownie torte