Iā€™m Sarah.

After graduating college, I worked as a TV news reporter at an NBC affiliate outside of Chicago. I then retired from that life to be a stay at home mom to my three little ones. While at home I was able to rekindle my love for decorating and crafts. A blog seemed like the perfect place to share those ideas. There is inspiration everywhere, I hope you find some here.

valentine's treat bags

valentine's treat bags


Well, I finally finished Jackson's valentine's for school. I am sure once all of my kids are in school I will just be sending in a box of conversation hearts with their name written on it... but I figure while I have time to spend on creativity, I will do something a little bit more time consuming. 

to make:

first. Cut a bunch of little triangles out of scrapbook paper for the banner.


On cardstock, print your valentine message. Cut and fold the cardstock to fit your treat bags. 

third. Sew on the banner to your cardstock with a sewing machine.

fourth. Stuff your treat bags. The boys loved this job! They filled the bags (that I got at Michael's) with M&M's, a Snickers and a heart eraser.

fifth. Staple the treat bags to the back of the label.

sixth. Put a couple pieces of double sided tape to the inside of your label.

Fold it over so the tape sticks and you're done! I made 30 of these guys so that we could have a few extra to give to teachers and friends.

just a peek inside my closet :: Tailor and Stylist

just a peek inside my closet :: Tailor and Stylist

pineapple cheesy chili

pineapple cheesy chili